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MG MGA - Engine dismantling etc

After removing the dog nut, work proceeds...
The engine is stuck ib a position where 2 and 3 pistons are quite high in the bores and consequently 2 only one big end nut each is accessible. So I am thinking the crank cannot be removed unless I unstick the engine. What is the best way to move a stuck piston, given that I will rebore and install new ones?
Other info is I have confirmed it is a 1622 block ( bore seems to be standard 3.00" The 2 and 3 bores are also further apart than 1/2 and 3/4 spacing. My goal is now to convert this 16AMW (Austin A60) to a MGA Mk II. As far as I can see, pistons and cam plus head will do it - am I right? My head is from the 1600 -valves 1.5" and 1.28" diameter.
A Pearse

Two methods come instantly to mind.
Take some penetrating oil and spray the pistons and cylinder walls down. Then take a prybar and attempt to pry the flywheel around 2 full times. This is possible, although it does take some time. If you get the flywheel to move, you can go back and forth to loosen things up some.
If that doesn't work, then go to method 2.

Take some brake fluid and pour it into the cylinders, only a little bit. Leave it sit upright for 2-3 days and then take a 2x4 and a mallet. Hopefully the pistons are not at tdc. Take the wood and whack the top of the pistons with the mallet (against the wood) This should break them loose.
Good luck.
mike parker

I agree with Mike but would suggest to undo the crankshaft bearing caps so that the pistons are free to move.
Remember however to knock them down at a similar speed otherwise you may put undue load on the componants.

Had this with a previous engine that had been left with the manifold off for a few months and sitting outside. The release agent in the bores worked well at loosening the grime and rust and then I used the wooden stake and hammer method (also works on vampires!!!)

Neil Purves

I'm going to fabricate a custom spanner from a socket end and a flat bar handle, that will have an ultra low profile. Mabe I have to cut the square drive off the socket and weld the handle at the cut. Then I can get the crank out and deal with the pistons individually.

Can anyone tell me the width of the metal land between bores 2 and 3 on a 1622 and a 1600 block. Is there a difference?
A Pearse

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