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MG MGA - Engine Identification

My engine number is 16AMW-U-H 4185. It has "1622" cast in the block on the LHS and "12H423 AF5" on the RHS plus a date of 24/10/61. It was painted green, and fitted with twin carbs. No mechanical tach drilling.
Can anyone help me with I/D ? I'm going to dissassemble it anyway to see if it can be used - 1961 MGA (1600 I think).
A Pearse

The engine appears to be from a Wolseley 16/60. You should be able to get most of the information from here:

Steve Gyles

Thanks Steve. That will help me a lot.
A Pearse

Could also be from a Series 6 Morris Oxford or an Austin A60 Cambridge which also used this motor.........
Dave Barron

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