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MG MGA - Engine Identification

There's an effort underway to identify the following engine number: 16GD-U-H-6498. This engine is a 1622 block, with a mechanical tach, and a "16" on the head. The "G" designates an MG, but its the "D" which is causing the issue. The "6498" certainly falls in the range of MKII's, but they had a "GC" prefix. The only "GD" reference found so far refers to a "1500" engine. So, any thoughts on what this engine number may reference?
Nick Kopernik


Interesting. Just nipped across and looked at the discussion.

The 1600 Service Parts List shows a diagram with 16GD. Top right hand schematic.


Steve Gyles

GD represents a revision number corresponding to the high starter mount - see David Knowles new book, p100.

Mark Wellard

Steve, thanks; you've got eagle eyes!

Mark, nice catch in the book by Knowles; seems like this is a bit of new info that's not been documented before. Its turned into a good discussion.
Nick Kopernik

I thought high starter mounts started long before MK IIs.

JL Cheatham

High starter plates started with the late 1500 engines - all 1600 & 1622 engines had them.
Chris at Octarine Services

Yes, the high starter plates did start with the 1500 engines in Jan 1959, and these engines had a "15GD" prefix. The challenge we have is that a "16GD" designation does not seem to have been documented, at least not in a widely known fashion.
Nick Kopernik

Is there a photo of the plate or the car's documentation?
Chris at Octarine Services


Yes. This is the thread from the other forum:

Steve Gyles

I think the only possible way to answer the question is to look in the records at Gaydon for the build details for the car - I think it might just be a mistake in the plate.
Chris at Octarine Services

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