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MG MGA - engine installation question

Is it easier to install the engine with the engine brackets and rubber mounts attached to the block or attached to the frame? My body is still off at this time.

Thanks, George
G Goeppner

Rubber mounts need to be attached to the frame first, because of the angle and the extended studs on the bottom side. Top side mechanical brackets are attached to the engine. Top plate of rubber mounts and bottom of engine brackets are flat surfaces. Set the engine on the rubber mounts and install four bolts each side.

Expect to us a stubby Phillips screwdriver or similar to help align the holes when installing the first couple of bolts. The rubber mounts are often not perfectly aligned with the engine brackets, so you push the rubber around a little to align the holes.
Barney Gaylord

Don't forget that the engine is earthed to the frame via the LH mounting block and you may need to grind away any paint or powder coating from the frame before you fix the block. Believe me it will be a lot easier doing it at this stage than when you've finished the car and find you can't start it!..................Mike
m.j. moore

Actually, engine earthing is done with a short bare grounding cable across the left engine mount. You may want to clean paint off the one mounting ear to get the best connection, although the lockwashers usually get a pretty good bite without a fuss. Picture here:
Barney Gaylord

I realise that this will not score concours points, but I have transformed the starting of mine by running a couple of metres of 60amp copper cable from the +ve (earthed) battery terminal to the engine side of the engine mounting bracket.
A purist could easily return this to the original configuration.
D Brown

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