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MG MGA - Engine manifolds

I am close to the point of removing my old engine block from my MGA. Thanks for some excellent notes on my first inquiry.

A couple of observations I would like to share from the removal of the bits on the engine along with some new questions.

Intake and exhaust Manifold nuts
I was very suprised how light the torque was on all the nuts attaching these two pieces to the head. As well, some of the threads loosened before the nuts did! Does anyone know the proper torque to set these nuts to when reattaching? Should I be double nutting the threads and set a torque on these studs when re-installing?

With respect to the Exhaust manifold I would like to hear recommendations on painting it. Obviously I have to remove it from the piple below and then I am not sure about powder coating, or color, etc. It is somewhat pitted on the front section, otherwise looks to be sound. Is this a good candidate for re-use or should I consider replacing?

Steve Lofaro

Stephen Lofaro

Do not powder coat the exhaust!!! Organic will burn.
Art Pearse


I think ceramic coating works well.

B Bridgens

I highly recommend

Lifetime warranty (I just had a 10 year old header redone for free so they do stand by it).
Gene Gillam

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