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MG MGA - Engine mount query

After a friend's recent engine mount failure, a query has arisen - what is the difference between the Moss uprated engine mounts available for MGBs and the standard MGA/MGB engine mounts? Standard A and B mounts have the same part no. (see below)

Also why does the MGB setup have a spacer, Item 13 on LH side but it is not listed in MGA parts - what is it for?

Has anyone had recent issues with engine mount quality from the usual suppliers - Moss, B&G, Anglo Parts, Scarborough Faire etc)
Mike Ellsmore

Mike, As you probably know, if you read these blogs regularly, "if it's made of rubber it's potentially a problem". Replacement screen rubbers, exhaust and engine mounts etc., from whichever supplier, have all been called into question.
"Up-rated", one assumes means harder. The engine will rock less but also they will also have less vibration damping ability.
The spacer, I've always assumed, was to give more clearance to the exhaust down pipe and carbs.
Allan Reeling

On a recent post I've had vibration issues since changing the engine mounts. Whilst in Adelaide on the trip back from the National Meet in Tasmania I stopped of at MG Sales and Service and explained my problem. I was informed that there were a variety of suspect compounds of rubber used in the mounts but that the ones from Moss were good.

I've taken the mounts off now and the Moss ones do seem to be softer. Hopefully when I get it all back together it'll solve the problem.

Incidentally it has been stated the jacking up the engine and replacing the mounts is an easy exercise!
I did just that but could not get the engine high enough to remove the mounts. This may have something to do with the Ford five speed gearbox bell housing.
Anyway I had to cut the two bolts off the old mounts to get them off and to shorten the new ones to get them on!
The cars still in the garage at the moment so can't tell if the new mounts are better yet.


P Dodds

When I fitted my rebuilt balanced1800 engine with new Moss engine mounts 4 years ago I got vibration into the body. I suspected the mounts as they were very hard. I thought best way to get good ones was to ask Bob West. He said at that time there were no good ones around so use good used ones. I have asked him same question a couple of times since and got same answer although itís probably over a year ago since I last asked. In end I replaced left one only back to a used one and that largely solved my vibration problem. Whatever you do donít bin serviceable used mounts!


Paul Dean

I have just given away a good used mount and have bought a replacement "HQ" version from Moss Europe. It didn't arrive in the first stage of the delivery and I the invoice arrived today, so I should get it on Friday. I'll try and compare the new LH one for hardness with my remaining RH used one.

the HQ version was only about $2 more expensive than the standard one, so I am also tempted to call ME tomorrow to ask what the difference is.....
Dominic Clancy

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