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MG MGA - Engine No

Can anyone verify the origin of Eng No 12H639RS21855? It is from a Gilbern GT? and supposedly MGA 1600cc? Gold Seal replacements were 48G********. The RS indicates that it is a replacement unit but by who?
Any help appreciated.

Happy New Year

Dave Rouget

Dave, that is not a BMC B series "engine number" of any sort. Any other markings?
A Pearse

I have asked the seller to identify if there is any markings cast into the block. Gilbern also used 'A' series engines but again I cannot find a link with this no. Dave

Dave, my block has a casting number of the type "12xxx"
The engine no. is stamped on an aluminum tag riveted to the block.
A Pearse

Things are starting to unfold. The chap has quoted the engine no from the car log book (registration document) rather than visually from the engine. So it could be that this is where the mistake is. The Gilbern was 1962 and the engine cc (from the log book) is 1622cc. So it looks like a 1600 mk 2 engine? Dave.

Not necessarily! Could be Austin A60, Wolseley, Etc. The No. will tell.
A Pearse

That is indeed a BMC code although not one found in the usual books.

It would seem that they only deviated from their usual 16GC etc. on the engines that they shipped to other manufacturers.

My 1962 TVR Grantura Mk 3 engine, also a 1622, carries the same prefix on the embossed (not stamped) original engine tag.
Bill Spohn


Many thanks, I have to agree with you. The 12HXXXXXXX number is definately stamped/embossed on the riveted eng no plate and the block is stamped 1622. The engine was supplied to Gilbern in 1962. I am pretty certain that it is equivalent to a 16GC lump. Tach drive is there and the whole thing is bolted to a close ratio gearbox. Your right, none of the MG/Engine references I have used mention these eng no's. Dave.

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