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MG MGA - Engine Noise Again....

I read the other posts to try and track down the noise but none seemed to be it. The noise is the nuts in a tin can type. Not very loud, increases with rpm but not at the same rate, not steady or with a rhythm. At idle it can be heard sometimes. Seems to be getting worse. Rivets around water pump area seem tight. Found my stheoscope and I listened everywhere. Pump, generator, valves, different places on the engine, all are quiet. The only noise I get is at the bottom front of the oil pan, the flatter part closest to the fan. Can not pick it up in the larger, deeper part of the pan. It sounds more like a dull click through the stheoscope (in one ear) and a good bit louder as a clink/clank with the other ear. I can also feel it physically through the stheoscope, a very light thump type of thing. I was told bearings do not sound that way when going bad, but if I'm not mistaking, there is a bearing above the noise. Thoughts appreciated.Thanks a bunch!
R Palsgrove

Hi , it's not the fan belt itself is it? if they have got a crack or are fraying a bit they can make a noise, you could try running the engine for a few seconds without the fan beltthat would eliminate the water pump and generator as the source of the noise

g c pugh

Maybe the timing chain?
Take Gordon's advice and carry out the test without the fan belt.

M F Anderson

Previously removed the fan belt and still got the noise.
R Palsgrove

Maybe chain tensioner is on its way out?

Neil Purves

I would cast my vote for the timing chain. You might try using a timing light to see if the timing mark is jumping around. This can be an indication of a loose chain.
Good luck,
G T Foster

This thread was discussed on 23/04/2009

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