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MG MGA - engine number

Hi all can't work this one out so throwing myself on the collective for guidance,I was asked if the engine in a pals 1961 coupe was original its a 1622 motor, the number is 12H412RS then 5 numbers
I just can't find any reference to this number apart from the 12 meaning 1200cc?
looked at goldseal numbers but no luck
Ian McGregor

My guess it is a recoonditiond engine and that is the reconditioner's number.

So It might be anything - even bits of different engines put together.
Chris at Octarine Services

I'm wondering if you are quoting the block number? Take a look at this

Graham V

The part number for the machines block on a MGA 1622 engine is 12H432. The casting number that you see cast in the side of the block (before machining) is different, I don't have these casting numbers recorded, but it may well be 12H412RS. The engine number should be found on a riveted plate in the ignition side of the engine, just below the head gasket. See here:

And in Australia the engine number is stamped directly into the cast block in the same position you see your riveted plate. I suppose the Aus. authorities thought the riveted plate could be removed/replaced at will so decided to make it more permanent.

Barry Gannon

Hi all thanks for the reply's yes this is on the small aluminium plate riveted to the block . photo attached hopefully
looked a bit further into the motor today the rocker tappet pedestals are aluminium and have a revcounter take off so I think the origins are A ?

Ian McGregor

I've seen these before. Yes, the 12 should mean 1200cc. The "H" is supposed to mean "miscellaneous", so it may have been used in a hay baler or ditch digger or an irrigation pump. But with a tach drive, I dunno. Maybe some really small sports car around 1953? Does it have a a full flow oil filter, or bypass filtering?

When I got my mga back in '88 (not a great example to start with), the engine was a 1500 gold seal rebuild #8G210RS28487.Ran good for quite a few miles. Finally found a rebuildable 1600 and rebuilt it. Still keep the 1500 under the workbench just in case. Marvin,ct
Marvin Stuart

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