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MG MGA - Engine Number Plate

I've got a short block that apparently had the number plate removed or boiled away. Are there any suppliers for engine number plates ? Checked the archives without finding anything obvious.

A second question regards an accepted procedure for determining a valid or approximate engine number when the original is unknown. What does one do in this case ?

Chuck Mosher


Todd Clark can provide you with a stamped engine number plate. As for the engine number I gave him my VIN and build date and he took a best guess at a number for my engine.

jjb Backman

But wouldn't a best guess lead to possible problems down the track? Especially if the "other" engine turned out to be a stolen car? (small chance, but possible)

Matthew Magilton

Todd Clark stamped a replacement VIN plate for my A but I had to send him the origianl one before he'd stamp a replacement. I didn't know he'd stamp an engine plate without the original one or at least a number but then again engine numbers are less important.

Andrew Preston

I had Todd stamp mine and since I didn't have the original number either, I just used 12345 for the serial number. Pretty obvious that it isn't the correct one (I hope).
S Jackson

Todd Clark's information package tells me that he will stamp a body or engine number plate to whatever you want. But he will not stamp the chassis number (which is the VIN) without proper documentation, such as the old plate or the title to the car.
James Johanski

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