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MG MGA - Engine numbering

Hi, I am currently looking at a 1959 MGA with a 1500 engine in Australia. The engine number seems a little strange from the literature I have read in regard to engine numbering for MGA's. The MG vehicle plate is badly marked so they are taking them from the registration documents, it is also marked Nuffield (Australia) Pty Ltd.

The engine number quoted by the seller is 15AULA14723, and the chassis is 51148MGA559, I would be extremely grateful if anyone shed any light the numbering.

Steve :-)
S Crawshaw


The engine number 15AULA14723 is a bit odd for an Australian MGA.
The engine number should read 15GBUHA14723 if it was a MG 1500 engine in an Australian CKD car.

15 = 1500
G = MG
B = B Series
U = centre gearshift
H = High compression and L = low compression
A = Australia
14723 is the engine number.

As it has an "A" after the number 15 instead of "GB" I think it is an Austin Lancer built at BMC Zetland in Sydney. Having the "L" for low compression seems to confirm that.

The chassis number 51148MGA559 should read:

7 = 1959
51148 is the chassis number
559 = the Australian MGA body number

MGA 559 should be stamped on the flat surface just forward of the heater or the hole in the hrizontal firewall shelf.


M F Anderson

Hi Steve,The engine number quoted is a B Series engine either from a Morris or Austin sedan. The 51148 part of the chassis number is the Abingdon issued one. The MGA559 is the Australian Build number, meaning this car is the 559th Australian assembled CKD MGA.
It may be worth while double checking the 51148 as it is stamped on the ID plate, as according to my records of all Australian MGA's it may actually be 51146. Also check this ID plate for the original engine number which will be either 15GBUHA 42215 or 15GBUHA 42821. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
Garry Kemm

All good information from Mick, but don't be suprised if there is a 6 in place of the 7 in the stamped chassis number, that is 6/51148/559.
The reason being this MGA was assembled late 1958 and sold early 1959. 6 = 1958
Garry Kemm

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