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MG MGA - Engine Numbers - query

Hi guys,

I've looked, but I can't find a conclusive answer, and my copy of Clausager is 100 miles away, so....

fact: Early MGA engines had the prefix of BP15GB
fact: Early MGAs had their engine numbers stamped on the VIN plate (plate on the fire wall).

Question: However, did early MGA engines (pre 1957) have the engine number stamped on the engine number plate as well, or just BP15GB, with the rest blank?

I'm about to get mine stamped, and I'd like to get it done properly.

Many thanks,

Grant :-)
G Hudson


Nothing specific on that count in Clausager from what I have read.

In my opinion I would believe that every engine that came off the engine production line would be required by both the Company and DVLA (1950s equivalent) to have a full identification tag.

Steve Gyles

Photo attached of 1500 engine plate

John DeWolf


In forty-odd years of messing with B-series engines, I have never seen one with an engine plate that only had the prefix. As Steve says, it was the engine that needed to be identified, so there'd be no logic in leaving the info on the car body alone when the engine was a prime candidate for being changed later. In fact, later on, the factory stopped putting the engine number on the chassis plate and just put "SEE ENGINE", presumably because matching the two plates became an administrative nightmare on a busy factory floor.

Malcolm Eades

Hi guys,

many thanks for the quick responses. I thought it was a bit odd, but Clausager isn't too clear on it, and as usual, the BBS hasn't failed me.

Many thanks,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

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