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MG MGA - Engine Oil

About to change oil and filter in my 1960 1600 with standard BMC engine.Engine only has 20000km since major overhaul and uses little oil and I have only ever filled it up with standard big company ( shell x100 etc )product . Any recommendatuions for an improved protection product....and has anyone ever used synthetic ( prob . needs a whole seal change!!)
n ferguson

Controversy rains supreme in the MGA Register in Victoria - some use the expensive Redline products, others use diesel engine oil that they use in their earthmoving gear, I use Penrite HBR 30 - whose right!
Mike Ellsmore (1)

Penrite HPR 30 every time! (Mike I'm sure you mean HPR 30)
I have only used it for 34 years, no problems yet, can't beat experience!
BM Gannon

I'm sure everyone is going to have his/her favourite oil for various reasons. Mine in England is Valvoline VRI 20/50 which is a mineral oil and has a high content of ZDDP (1300-1600ppm zinc/phosphorous I believe, but don't quote me as I'm no expert!) which I'm told is great for anti-friction, particularly for older style engines with non-roller, flat tappet arrangements. There has been quite a discussion about this on the Twin Cam owners site, and others I'm sure, due to modern vehicles needing to use engine oils with ever decreasing amounts of ZDDP to prolong catalyst life and so causing excessive wear when such oils are used in classic engines. I suppose this would mean modern synthetic oils would be less suitable for a classic? VR1 comes highly recommended by one of the leading UK MGA restores so that's good enough for me. Probably Penrite and Castrol, being classic-sympathisers also, have such good anti-friction properties too, but I don't know for sure.
That's my two-penneth and probably only stirring up a controversial pot! I re-stress I am no expert.

B Mayo

This thread was discussed on 27/03/2009

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