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MG MGA - Engine Paint

I put this question to the MGC section but the site doesn't seem very active so I wondered if the answer may reside with MGA owners. Does anyone know the paint reference for the light green, maybe olive colour metallic engine paint that was used on the MGC, Healey and perhaps a few others? Moss sell a light green spray can under their reference 550-220 but am not sure how well matched it is to the original.
J H Cole


Frost do a BMC engine enamel paint:

Steve Gyles


That link in my previous post may not be the metallic one you are looking for. However, the MGOC list both the BMC green and an MGC green (item 71):

Might be worth giving them a call tomorrow.


Steve Gyles

Steve, I would think that is the standard non metallic green that BMC used.

John, I have found the Moss colours to be a pretty good match normally.


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