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MG MGA - Engine Paint

Hi All
I have a tin of MG Maroon engine paint made by Joseph Mason which is about 40 years old. It is C900 Industrial Enamel. It was unopened until a few days ago. I have stripped the sump and decided to brush apply. The paint is very thick and 'sticky' and difficult to spread easily. I thought I might try warming it in a hot water bath. Does anyone have any ideas about 'thinning' the paint or should I forget it and get new. Can anyone suggest the best brush applied paint of correct colour.
Thanks Brian
Brian Paddon

I think that white spirit or turps should do it as is a type of enamel. Test and see.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Xylene is often the correct thinners for this type of paint, although white spirit may work.

I bought 5l off eBay for thinning chassis and engine paint etc. and it is much more effective than white spirit.
Neil MG

Try an enamel reducer from a auto body paint shop.
Bill Haglan

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