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MG MGA - Engine paint color

Hello, do we have an alternative paint for the engine. If so, What is the color and who may have it?
The time is soon coming to paint the block. Thanks, Neal Turner
neal turner

Bill Hirsch makes a high quality MG maroon. When used on cast iron it can be brush painted leaving no marks. Steel parts would need to be sprayed.Mine has been painted since '95

gary starr

Here's a link-
gary starr

'International Paint' (boat paint) sell a red/maroon enamel called Toplap 350, its very close to the original red but I added some black and it matched perfectly.
J H Cole

Also, Moss Motors sells a spray can of maroon MGA engine paint that is supposed to be an exact match. One can should do your entire engine.
L Wheeler
Barney Gaylord

My experience with the Moss engine paint is that it stains if splashed with antifreeze. I'm using the Hirsch paint now, excellent color match and holds up well.

G Goeppner

Hi, Thanks for all your imput. I am looking for a spray aerosol thats close. I am not concours but I would like to be close as my car is a driver.
I have used Moss engine paint on my 1950 TD and it streaked when exposed to anti freeze. I do not have access to a spray gun. Any suggestions? Thanks, Neal Turner
neal turner

VW Tiguan Red is a close match in a spray can
dominic clancy

If you have a automotive paint store nearby they will most likely be able to put the bulk Hirsch paint into a spray (rattle) can for you.
I agree that the Hirsch paint holds up well, but I don't think the color is right. Even my wife asked me why I painted the engine brown...

G T Foster

Gerry, there was a batch of the Hirsch paint a couple years ago that was not the right shade, it was more brown than red. I may have some information on the batch number that was affected, I believe Hirsch replaced any that was returned. The quart I bought 2 years ago is a very good match to the original.

G Goeppner

It was around 2004 or 2005. I contacted Hirsch about it and even sent them sample of painted metal. Never heard back.
G T Foster


Useful list. A company over here that I think has strong USA connections ( has a number of glamorous paint products listed including this type:

I have my engine in this paint. Brush painted. Smooths out. Looks okay.

You may wish to add to your list.

Steve Gyles

Gerry, your experience seems to agree with others from about that same time. From a search of the archive, Hirsch batch #23332 in 2005 was described as "terra cotta", and batch #24456 in 2006 was described as "brown".

G Goeppner

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