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MG MGA - Engine ready to pull...One more question...

In this image, you can see my pulling bracket in place...Everything is ready, except the two top housing bolts (still there so I can roll the car off the lift)...All hoses and cables are off the block, that need to be removed.
You can also dicern the two top studs on the left engine mount....I have removed those nuts on both sides...
The question is, can I lift the engine, and leave the engine bracket on, and the mounts in place??? The mounts are excellent, and no need to replace them.
Edward Wesson 60MGA

I was too late to get the image on....
Here it is:

Edward Wesson 60MGA

I unbolt the four bolts attaching the motor-mounts to the frame and leave the mounts attached to the engine. I find this method is easier and less likely to damage the 2 studs on the mounts themselves. Good luck
B Suelzle

Agree with previous poster. Undo the 4 bolts on each engine mount. Make sure that the ground strap is clear, and watch for an additional shim that is placed under the mount. Some have it , some don't. Engine will pull clean from the mount. Make sure to disconnect ground strap from transmission as well.

Good luck!
C.R. Tyrell

There is a transmission ground strap? Where?
Art Pearse

I might be too late but I find that if I pull the crank pully it makes life easier,same for going in too.
gary starr

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