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MG MGA - Engine rebuild

I purchased a 1958 MGA that has been sitting for abour 20 years. the engine has been sittine without the head on for 15 years. I am having a hell of a time getting the pistons to move. My question is are all the bolts that hold the timiong chain on the same size. 1/4 inch. This engine has some 5/16 bolts and some 1/4 inch bolts. I am wondering if someone ;has drilled a few of the holes out and put biger bolts in or if they are all that way. I have not done a MGA engine in about ten years and I can't rember if they are all the same size.
GK George

Different size set screws are normal.
Lindsay Sampford

there are 5/16 1/4 bolts. 2 of the 1/4 bolts are longer than the others.
Art Pearse

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