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MG MGA - Engine removal - 1622 MkII

Just finished removing the engine on my Mk II. Thanks for all of the great tips in the archives !

I had help, so removed engine and transmission together. The toughest job for us was getting the shifter turret out without removing the floorboards. We saw that a previous owner had cut back a 2x1 inch tab on the transmission tunnel cover, which had then been folded back and welded. We took the hint and cut a similar amount out and were able to get at the two forward bolts.

The only other complication was clearance between the front pulley and the steering rack. We removed both with the engine halfway out. Bent the tab on the timing chain cover, so will remove that too for re-installation.

As others have noted, a $20 load leveler from Harbor Freight was essential, in addition to an HF engine hoist. The leveler came with L brackets and holes 11 in apart which made using the valve cover posts as lifting points a cinch. Wondered why there wasn't any more detailed accounts in the archives, as Chuck noted in the previous thread, it's just that easy to figure out, and somewhat dependent on your equipment and help anyway.

Took us about 3 hours altogether. I highly recommend this as a leisure time activity while on your Xmas vacation ;-)
Chuck Mosher

This thread was discussed on 31/12/2010

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