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MG MGA - Engine stand/trolley?

Does anyone have a photo or sketch of an engine stand/trolley for holding an assembled B series engine such that it can be moved around a workshop but also allow the fly wheel, cylinder head, water pump, etc to be removed?
Something similar to the MGAguru engine carrier with wheels, higher off the ground and one man operation.
The side mount engine stand on another of the MGAguru pages looks like it could be the answer but maybe beyond my fabrication skills.
Mike Ellsmore

Mike, I have a stand, about to go on eBay - surplus to requirements. Barry.
Barry Gannon

Hi there
I have shopping cart minus the basket. Price is right.


Here you go...
Steve Simmons

A cheap solution...get a furniture dolly, rated at 1000 lbs, four swivel castors, maybe a piece of plywood or some 2X4 pieces. Works great. I have a couple.
G T Foster

the engine stand from Barneys page is very usefull, you bolt the engine on the right side and you can turn it round to reach everything quite easy. Dismantling and assembly is straight forward. Those stands are sold in Germany at 80 approx. think they are made somewhere in the far east.

Harbor Freight:
Chuck Mosher

Following in Barney's footsteps I elected to go for the lowest cost option!
I made a modified engine carrier using 19mm x 190mm pine board that I had left over from another task. Rather than hinge it, I made it fixed and added stem castors so I could roll around my garage.
(I used the basic dimensions shown on )

Mike Ellsmore

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