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MG MGA - Engine storage

I have a 1500 motor that I removed from a 1958 MGA last year. The motor is and remains a fabulous engine and served me without flaw from the time it was rebuilt in 1977 until 2013 when I had an original MGA 1500 motor rebuilt to replace it and make a final restoration to my 'A'.

The previous owner told me it was a Magnette engine (or at least from a Magnette, I am not sure). I had previously sent out a post to help me identify the engine number as it did not comport with any existing engine numbers for running cars, the number being 15K-926 was thereby indicated from this membership as an 'other use' motor. I want to know what the best way is to store this motor...what I should do to prepare for storage before I decide what to do with it...or perhaps keep it? I welcome your ideas and indications to properly store an engine.

Stephen Lofaro

Why not take the crank out of this engine to use in the other one
dominic clancy

Store in a dry place to avoid condensation in the cylinders and rings rusting in place.
Heavy engine oil in the cylinders and spread around.
If you dont have a dry place try and seal up the orifices, induction and exhaust to stop moist air circulating.
Art Pearse

Use an engine storage oil that you spray into the cylinders. Turn it over a few times and put the plugs back in and you should be set.
Bill Haglan

CRC makes two different spray can products one for up to 12 months storage and the other for long term .....its like very waxy oil....I think of cosmoleen like the Navy used when I use this CRC product....Green Spray spray it all over the motor.
Thomas Koch

Dominic please read my post re:Crankshaft quandary about that idea of yours.

I will get some heavy oil and remove the plugs for a spray up. Also like the idea of coating the outside. Thanks.

Stephen Lofaro

This thread was discussed on 26/09/2014

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