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MG MGA - engine weight

How much does the engine weigh?

I'm trying to figure if my garage rafts would be sufficiently strong to support it.
T McCarthy

If they're 2X4s no, should be at elast 2X6 and preferably doubled and bolted together. I couldn't find a weight figure quickly, but think it should come in around 360 pounds or so as the Rover V8 is slightly lighter. Add another 50 or so if you pull the transmission with the engine.
Bill Young

I would reinforce with 2 4x4 post on either side of the car with a 4x4 accross the top. Look into in your area. I got a beautiful lift for 50$. Theere is always people cleaning out there garge selling stuff for cheep!
WMR Bill

The ability of the joist to carry the weight also depends on the span - I've easily lifted an mga engine and gearbox with a 6x2 timber joist (UK term for timbers spanning horizontally) of about 8.5 ft span. The main thing is to make sure that the ends of the joist are fully built in and restrained ie they do not twist sideways.
J H Cole

I live in Garden City. If you would like to borrow my engine hoist, give me a call. cell phone 586-855-7076
mike parker

The workshop manual says engine and clutch (dry) weighs 355 pounds (136 kg)

Malcolm Asquith

Thanks Mike! I ended up renting one for $25.

Hey did you get up to the Dream Cruise?
T McCarthy

I had to help my mom out. Her husband died last week, and his kids came over to clean out the garage. 6 truckloads and 3 trailer-loads of junk.
mike parker

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