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MG MGA - engine won't shut off

Yesterday I returned from a drive and when I turned off the key switch the engine kept running. I even removed the key from the ignition and the car kept running. Finally after stalling the car, I disconnected the battery. I removed the ignition switch, reconnected the battery and tested the wires. The two brown blue wires which are connected together were carrying battery current. The white wire to the A1 on the control box was also carrying current and the white wire to the ignition light switched with the key.
The car is a 1956 roadster with a 1500 engine. A Moss alternator was installed over a year ago and have given no problems. I am at a loss as to where to look next for the problem. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Terry Marcus

The key here Terry is that you have an alternator,most likely a diode has gone bad,and power is back feeding thru it. Google car with alternator wont shut off. Too cold for you to work on it today ;)
gary starr

Or just one more uncovenanted bonus of unleaded fuel?
D Smith

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