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MG MGA - Engine & Trany suggestions

I have a friend who is also restoring an MGA for his wife. Due to her driving capabilities he is considering putting in another engine with an automatic transmission. Preferably an engine that doesn't require a computer to run it and a auto-transmission that doesn't require frame butchering. Thanks for any suggestions.
J Williams

Why not use the MGB auto transmission, then no need for any engine bay mods?
Neil MG

the borg warner auto box from a MGB wont fit in the MGA tunnel without some widening. Bob
Bob Walker

I wonder if a mid-sevenyies Chevette engine and auto trans would work.
C.R. Tyrell


Bob Walker

The "customized" tunnel looks like a good option, from Bob Walker, problem being those tranys are a little thin on the ground here. The Chevette engine/trany from My Tyrell sounds like it may be more readily available but unsure if it would fit. Thanks guys.
J Williams

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