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MG MGA - Esso Oils

Not strictly MGA, although the equipment I am referring to below will no doubt find its uses on the MGA.

I have just gained possession (via a deceased relative) of a very nice Myford Super 7 lathe. Reading through the manual I notice that the lubricant quoted is Esso Nutto H44 oil. Can anyone tell me what it is and the alternatives.

Picture of the lathe attached. Taken when I was moving it from the Transit van into the garage. engine hoists have many uses!


Steve Gyles

Hi Steve,

try google there's lots of suggestions there.
Some say buy it from Myford.


Dan Smithers


I am lucky to have the same lathe for some years now. The previous owner told me that the most important thing is to keep it very well oiled, whatever the kind. My Myford is dripping all the time... lovely little machine !
gva guido

This thread was discussed on 21/12/2007

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