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MG MGA - Evans Waterless Coolant

Any experts out there with thoughts on this product, particularly in regard to a Twin Cam with alloy parts:
Bruce Mayo


It must be whisky based at 65 + 10 postage for 5L.

Steve Gyles

What is wrong with simple distilled water from a de humidifier keeping the garage dry. :) and a bit of cheap antifreeze.
Bob Turbo Midget England

Someone doesn't like it -

If, as seems likely, it is propylene glycol based (B Pt c190degC), it will have a lower specific heat than water and the coolant would be expected to be hotter.

Geoff Ev

I am no expert, but I can't see any advantage unless the engine is designed to run hotter. It won't boil over if your car overheats, but is that a good thing?
N McGurk

I am using Evans in a '53 TD and a '73 MGB. The big reason is that corrosion from water is eliminated. I have not noticed any hotter temps over the last several years.

I know that it is rated for a minimum of 100,000 miles so it should last a while in the cars!

Regards, Tom
Thomas McNamara

To be clear, I realised this stuff is likely to be expensive. It was the corrosion limitation and life that really interested me. Tom seems to be ok with it. But I would be pleased to hear any other user experience, particularly the alloy issue and the over-temperature suggestion from some.
Bruce Mayo

This thread was discussed on 07/06/2012

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