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MG MGA - EX 182 replic

Just saw the advert for a replica of EX182. Whatever you may think of it, it certainly isn't a 1957 as advertised, but the grille and taillights give it away as a Mk II

Rutger Booy

Interesting car, it is probably great fun to drive but as you say Rutger, to make it look even more like EX182 it should really be based on a 1500.
I wish we knew how much power the engine develops.
I must admit I love the look of the Le Mans cars and the Sebring cars ( no bumpers ) which is why my similarly car has none.

Was the original mirror fairing so big as this one looks?

Also I was looking at the picture in the centre of the 5th row from the top.
The shut lines at the upper front edge of the door makes mine look good and the piping looks like it was fitted in a bit of a hurry.
All fixable I suppose with a bit of time and effort.

The headgear made me chuckle though, a bit too "Ann Summers" for my taste! :-)


Colyn Firth

A drum brake car? Drums painted red no less. A bit of a mish mash of parts.
R J Brown

Yeah RJ, that is what I thought too. It is claimed to be a 1957 MGA but sports a MKII grill, badges, front turn signals and taillights but a 1500 dash and front drum brakes. Who knows what it really is under the skin?
Chuck Schaefer

My guess is that it is a 1500. Chrome bits are easier to change out than converting from discs to drums.

k v morton

Mk2: wing trim, rear lights, 1622 engine, maybe the chassis is a 1957 but the body isn't.
Mike Parker

Tyres don't look that flash - I thought he would have at least stuck some Dunlop Direzza or Toyo 888 on it if he wanted a street racer!
Mike Ellsmore

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