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MG MGA - Exaust and Inlet Manifolds

Hi All - I have nipped over from the Magnette pages and have asked this question on there - thought I may as well as on here too - Thanks - Gobby

Ages ago I purchased an MGA exhaust manifold and want to use this on my 18V engine (If I can overcome the steering problem!)

I was going to use the MGB carbs and inlet manifold but notice that the mounting flange on the exhaust manifold (where it bolts to the head) is about 15mm thick whereas the B inlet manifold is only 11mm thick.

Did the MGA use a different manifold or did it use 'stepped' mounting washers to overcome this problem.

I know that the MGB had 2 different thickness inlet/exhaust manifolds but I dont know if the 11mm one is the thin one or the thick one.


Hi Gobby, the exhaust and inlet manifold on my 1960 MGA and 67 MGB are the same thickness at approx 15mm, and no stepped washers are used. On my 74 MGB the exhaust manifold and inlet manifold are approx 11mm, and no stepped washers are used. 15mm is the thicker manifold dimension. Picture is from 1960 MGA 1600. Hope this helps.


Andy Preston

Mark, the 11mm is the later, thin flange, one.
Neil McGurk

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