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MG MGA - exchange distributors

Exchange units of any kind are always risky. You don't know what you are getting. Some thing that was never right from the start or has metal fatigue after a lot of miles. As was pointed out to me there are a lot of different cams for Lucas distributors which compound the problem. When I had a high volume Auto Trans Shop we never took a taxi ( cab ) Automatic on exchange, always rebuilt their own unit as not to stick our retail customers with tired Hi milage Transmissions that had been resurrected from the dead.
The devil you know..... Sean
S Sherry

There is a company in Minnesota called Advanced distributor. If you fill out the information sheet that they require, they will rebuild your distributor to your engines requirement and if you need something special they will re-curve your distruter to your specs. Jeff goes through each distutor and repairs any issues cluding the flange on the case that breaks.

JP Jim

Some time ago I bought a rebuilt orignal Lucas distributor from Jeff Schlemmer, no exchange. Jeff is very very helpful and he will curve the dist to your car specs from the engine details which you give him. Any queries you might have, he will answer your emails instantly, and his prices are quite reasonable. The minute I put the rebuilt dist on the car I noticed a considerable improvement in the engine performance. Recommended.

F Camilleri

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