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MG MGA - Exhaust

i have removed the body from my 58 roadster for renovation and painting. whilst is has been off i have renovated the chassis/engine etc. i also fitted a new s/steel exhaust and in order to stop the rubber rebund straps from snapping i made up some clamps (which would produce the same effect as having the weight of the body pressing down on the rear springs)

the body is nearly ready to be put back onto the chassis. if i take the clamps off i think that the springs will stretch the exhaust brackets and possibly break them

Idea's ?
A Stojanovic

Use some wire to restrain the rebound straps. Then remove them after the body is on.
Art Pearse

I am not sure what the problem is. The exhaust system is secured to the chassis and is entirely independent of spring movement.

Steve Gyles

The logical thing to do surely would be to remove the rebound straps before you lift off the body.

If your car, before removing anything, sat correctly on the road you should have had a couple of inches slack in the rebound straps. If you take off the body,plus doors,wings,etc. I think you should just about have some slack left in the straps. If you don't then it's quite likely that your rear springs do not have the correct camber and/or spring rate.

I would leave attaching the exhaust system until your body is back on. If you don't then it's quite likely that it will interfere with the cross handbrake cable.

If you find that even when you have replaced everything you still can't attach your straps then you will have to get your thinking cap on or drive around with several bags of sand in the boot!...................................Mike
m.j. moore

This thread was discussed on 27/03/2013

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