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MG MGA - Exhaust blowing

I have just replaced my exhaust manifold and sealing ring, but it is still blowing. Is it just a matter of loosening everthing off and starting again?
Nigel Munford

Nigel, Is it just a matter of loosening everthing off and starting again?

The engine pipe must be aligned perfectly and you must pull it up evenly on the three studs.

Most cars have long since had the steady brackets removed and discarded. These are two short pieces of flat bar which attach to the bellhousing bolts and across to a bracket which is welded to the engine pipe. My bet is that the new engine pipes don't even have that bracket welded in place! The steady brackets are shown in the workshop manual. The Moss catalogue calls them a "strap".

These brackets should only be attached after the engine pipe is seated correctly and may require some filing of the holes to get a fit.

Good luck. Barry

BM Gannon


The Service Parts List shows those brackets.
They should be used.

See image.


M F Anderson

Even though the Twin Cam exhaust pipe is different it shows the brackets more clearly.

See image.


M F Anderson

I bought the straps from Moss. After tightening up the exhaust pipe to the manifold the straps did not fit. I ended up making some myself that fit correctly and secured the exhaust pipe. To get it right you have to custom make them for your particular car.

Jim Ferguson

Or you get lucky and they fit without modification or fabrication.
David Holmes

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