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MG MGA - Exhaust bracket on the frame

Hey all, another show stopper. :( The frame bracket for the rear exhaust hanger has apparently rusted to dust. Can someone measure theirs and/or take a picture so that I can fabricate something? Are they available from the usual sources? I could not seem to find them. Thanks again, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Usual suspects:
R J Brown

This is the picture I have on hand without taking the car apart. Center exhaust hanger with two 1/4-inch bolts at top is to the right of the leaf spring mount. The welded frame bracket is vertical on the back face, with enough space inside to insert the bolts. There is an additional hole in the welded bracket with a 5/16-inch bolt for the battery ground cable, just visible in upper right corner of the picture.

Barney Gaylord

A lighter picture.

Barney Gaylord

Thanks Barney and R.J. Barney, as your pictures show, it is the bracket welded to the frame that has rusted to dust.

Armed with these photos, perhaps I can utilize some strap iron to fabricate something. Unfortunately, I don't have a welder or the skill set to use one.

Thanks again, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Tom, make up a bracket out of sheet and take it to a welding shop. It's a 5 minute job to weld it in.
MIG weders are quite cheap, and very easy to use. Bottom line, if you make a lousy weld, then grind it out and do it again!
Art Pearse

Hey Art,

I agree with your solution but..........where the heck can one find the dimensions of the bracket. The only thing left on my frame is a "scar" where it was once welded. What gauge would be correct? What were the original dimensions and where should the holes be?

Does anyone have a bare frame to measure this bracket? Regards, Tom, fiddling with strap iron.
Thomas McNamara

Barney's picture is at the front of the muffler. Do you mean the one at the back of the muffler? I thought you meant the rear one.
R J Brown

Is this what you are looking for? It's from an old frame I cut up years ago. If it is I will do some measured drawings for you.

John DeWolf

It looks like Todd Clarke makes that, I've found his prices are very reasonable.

Item 26 M124 BRACKET—for attaching intermediate exhaust bracket and ground strap

See number 26 circled in red, is that the part you need?

Larry Wheeler

Or I could cut that one out and mail it to you, a bit rusty but sound enough I think.
John DeWolf

Oh! He wants the REAR hanger bracket welded on the frame. Well, R J Brown had been having trouble posting a picture here, so he sent it to me to post. If this doesn't come out well due to size limit, I will post it on a web page. John's image above shows what it looks like on the frame.

Barney Gaylord

Hey all, WOW, what responses! The bracket I do not have is the one pointed out by Larry, (from Todd Clark)?

Now to find a welder.........Thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

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