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MG MGA - exhaust clearance to floorboard


I'm assembled the chassis including the exhaust. It looks like the exhaust is a bit too high. The clearance from the exhaust to the floorboard is about 2 inches near the forward floorboard, but less than 1 inch near the end of the rear floorboard. It also touches (just) the handbrake cable. What should the clearance be near the end of the read floorboard, and what does others have for clearance to the cable?

The exhaust is not new and may be a cheap aftermarket copy.

- Paul

Paul van Adrichem

You need to fit the body and parts (weight) before you can see where the exhaust ends up relative to the rear axle.
Neil McG

Hi Neil,

Good point. But as far as the clearance to the floorboard. That will not change under load. This 1 inch of clearance at the end of the rear board: does tha sound about right?

-- Paul

Paul van Adrichem

That's about right. It is pretty close. The height there is controlled by geometry of the center hanger, which is located just behind the rear plywood floorboard. I have not heard any reports of those hangers being incorrect height.

If your pipe is a bit too low at the front end (bend in wrong position), then it will be higher at the back when supported correctly in the middle. The situation may be different once you get the muffler installed.

The brake cable should not touch the pipe. Perhaps you have one of the may reported bad rebound straps that stretch or break. Length of the rebound strap should be no more than 9-inches between bolt centers when loaded with weight of the rear axle and preload of the leaf springs.
Barney Gaylord

HI Barney, Neil,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll install the muffler and mount the bodyshell, and then I will look again. The rebound straps look ok to me. With the bodyshell removed the strap is definitely under tension, but no stretch or anything. We'll see. It will take a few months before I mount the bodyshell, but I will add a note to this thread.

-- Paul
Paul van Adrichem

Don't forget the original type heat shield that should be screwed to the underside of the driver side floor, directly under the seat. If the rear exhaust hanger fails, the muffler would hang down bowing the center of the pipe upward where it may contact the plywood floor panel to cause a fire.
Barney Gaylord

Hi Barney,

I found the page mentioning the heat shield on your site.
Good idea. When I got the car in 2010 there was no heat shield, but indeed a big hole! I was not aware that this was installed originally.


-- Paul
Paul van Adrichem

Mine (1960 original) was without heatshield but did have the ventilated floor under the seat.
D Brown

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