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MG MGA - Exhaust for MGB engine

Am installing MGB engine in my 1960 MGA.I can fit original MGA 1600 single outlet exhaust manifold and exhaust system, but would prefer to install twin outlet MGB exhaust manifold.
Can I adapt an MGB exhaust system for the twin outlet cast iron B manifold to fit the A or do I have to take to a specialist to make one up from scratch to fit ? Help appreciated
R.W. Homer

Over here on this side of the pond the issue with using a MGB manifold is the steering shaft interferes with the cast iron manifold. I have a 5 main 1800 in my 62 roadster and used the stock MGA manifold to get enough clearance. I suspect you would be ok with the steering on the right side. Hopefully someone will chime in who has done this with a right hand drive car. Have a good day!

John Progess


not sure what you mean by twin outlet, but there are the some people that make sportier manifolds like the LCBs and the Stage 2 from Maniflow if you don't want toally racey.

Might be worth speaking to:
Bob West-


Grant :-)
G Hudson

I have used a 3 main MGB manifold and down pipes on my 1500 since 1969, obviously I like it a lot! It added a bit of power, is very rugged, and sounds great. Disadvantages, a large mass of cast iron retaining lots of heat, the stock B downpipes exit at a slightly different angle that has to be accommodated with the stock exhaust system. Mine is LHD, consequently I had to have the manifold machined and welded to clear the steering column, not an issue on RHD A's. (See pix, follow the spring down to the intersection of manifold and steering shaft.)
Maniflo makes great products, I have their LCB on my '67 Cooper. The B is not a true LCB, the center port pipe is only slightly longer than the other.
If you can find a B manifold, have it Jet Coated or similar and go for it. I'll send along a picture of the downpipes and their angle next post.

Russ Carnes

Downpipe angle.

Russ Carnes

Russ. How much road clearance do you have? It looks very low. With that welded plug in the manifold I would think that it might be a restriction.
Sandy Sanders

Sandy, the exhaust system has dropped over the years, now about 4 1/2" clearance. I really should come up with a better hanger system.
The casting is very thick at that point, if I remember correctly it intruded about 3/8" into the port. We were pretty young and inexperienced 40 years ago, (I still am for all that, inexperienced anyway) if I were to do it again, I would have taken less metal out. I'm impressed that that patch welded to cast iron is still there at all!
Russ Carnes

I guess that if we are lucky the only thing to droop is your exhaust.
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Sandy Sanders

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