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MG MGA - Exhaust heat shield

After reading a previous post, about exhaust clearance, I looked for any evidence of a heat shield installation on my car. Looking at the underside of the driver floor, was no evidence of a previous installation. The floor is original. It sounds like a good idea to install one. Does anyone have the dimensions for the shield and wether it was steel or aluminium? Also, where would it have been located?
C.R. Tyrell

I used the Moss-supplied shield for the area under the seat floor...Moss does not make one for the the foot-box area, so I made my own out of galvanized sheet metal (from Ace Hardware), and some heat-resistant material that I had in my workshop....I used stainless screws to hold them in place.
The shields cover front to rear, from cross member to cross member....They are about 6 inches wide.
Just rectangles, no weird shapes.
Edward Wesson 60MGA

I made mine up from spare stainless sheet, fixed with brass screws. Spaced from the wood so that it acts as a radiation shield with a bit of conduction across the brass.......................Mike

m.j. moore

So , you all think I would be good just to go ahead and make 6" wide pieces of sheet metal and install over the exhaust pipe. Good to know that they go from cross member to cross member. I would think 1/4" standoff would be sufficient.

Anyone have a picture of an original?
C.R. Tyrell

I don't think they were fitted by the factory. I have two original floor boards, one from a one owner car. Neither show any signs of anything being fitted and nor do they show any sign of heat from the exhaust. I cannot see any reference in the Service Parts List either.

That said, I do think they are a good idea and might get round to fitting one eventually...
Neil McG

When I provisionally fitted my exhaust I was surprised at how close it was to the floorboard and this prompted me to put the shield in. When I took the car on the road I found the exhaust was banging on the frame. I took it to a local stainless exhaust specialist and they put a small bend in the pipe to give more clearance. If I had done this earlier I may not have bothered with the shield. However with the floorboard not fixed at the time it was a quick job to do....................Mike
m.j. moore

I fixed the shield to the pipe, in a cunning fashion.

Art Pearse

I have never had one, and the paint on the floorboards has never blistered above the exhaust, so I am fairly certain that it's something that is not really necessary.
Dominic Cancy

I fitted a thin sheet of steel in two pcs. One on the front toe board, and one full length under the drivers seat. Both were attached with nuts and serrated washers to the ends of the floor board fixing screws.
This results in a small air gap between the steel and the floor board as it is mounted on the captive nuts in the floor rails.
On our coupe, I put in the same pcs of steel, but added heat proofing insulation material (B-Quiet) to the bottom and top of all the floor boards, the underside of the roof, under the dash, under the battery cover, and along the chassis rails and tunnel.
P. Tilbury

As usual, check Barney's page first !!

Giovanni Delicio

Gio... I always check with the Guru!! I just have never seen a shield on an original car. There are not too many around here for inspection. Original floors have no sign of anything was ever attached. I am guessing the cars never had them installed originally. Good idea though to install one, or two..
C.R. Tyrell

Even though this has been burned into my brain for decades, I have to concede that I find no documentation to show that the floor heat shield was factory supplied. It is available from Moss Motors, and I highly recommend that it be installed as a matter of safety. It is not intended to he thermal insulation for the cockpit. It is to prevent burning of the wood floor in case the rear exhaust hanger might fail.

I have just made a CAD drawing of the part, in case anyone may want to make their own. See
Barney Gaylord

Once again..... Thank-you Barney.
C.R. Tyrell

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