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MG MGA - Exhaust installation

Where do the two very front exhaust pipe braces attach to - is it the bolts connecting the bell housing?
Anybody have the dimensions of these short & long braces?
Lastly, the clip on the exhaust pipe where the centre hanger attaches, has broken off. Can someone supply a sketch so I can re-fab it?
Art Pearse



Art Pearse

The factory engine pipe was made in one piece from the manifold to the muffler. Apart from the stiffener on the bell housing bolt as shown in the photo (with strap, length to suit "after market" engine pipe) there is a hanger on a crossmember under the left hand seat. The engine pipe has a U-shaped strap welded to its underside, the open ends take the crosswise mounting bolt. The muffler inlet clamps onto the engine pipe. The muffler, with integral tailpipe, is mounted on another hanger at the rear of the car with the tailpipe slightly cranked towards the centre of the car (and upwards), alongside the overrider.
Barry Bahnisch

Exhaust pipe in two pieces with the center clamp is a convenience for shipping. The clamp is too close to the floor heat shield in that picture. Rocking motion of the engine on the rubber mounts would likely make the clamp hit the floor (heat shield). Turning clamp with nuts down makes it closer to the ground (speed bumps), but you an cut the extended threaded ends of the U-bolt off after the nuts are tight. Better yet, with a good strong clamp you can tighten it enough to put an annular crimp in the tubing that will hold the pipes firmly together, after which you can remove the clamp. Otherwise you can weld the tubing and remove the clamp.
Barney Gaylord

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