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MG MGA - Exhaust Manifold

I have a crack in my exhaust manifold about 3" up from the flange and it travels from left to right a distance of 4.5" in length across the front of the manifold.

I have read Barneys take on welding a cracked stud hole/flange but what is the consenses on a crack in this position, is this a do-able repair.

G Hamilton

I doubt whether your manifold repair will be successful, far better to search for another one! Probably a bit thin on the ground but worth the wait (if you have to!). I live in Adelaide but do not have a spare.
Barry Bahnisch

What have you got to loose? Look on the Web and you'll find a lot of discussion about different methods. I had the drill/plug/brazing method done once about 40+ years ago on a marine flat head engine. It was done by a reputable engine repair shop. I had no subsequent problems with it.

I also had the exhaust pipe flange repaired where one of the stud holes broke out. I'm not sure what method my friend used at that time to repair it. Again, Complete success on that repair. But that was some 20 years ago

It seems that today's methods include the use of either Nickle or Stainless Steel rods. My preference today, if I were to try it myself, would be to try the MIG with Stainless Steel wire and pure Argon gas. I have not done this myself. Look around, you'll find a lot of different techniques.

But you can't beat an original manifold from a friend with a parts car. If you can find one that is.
Chuck Schaefer

In the UK at least, Moss now list them new for a price. (about 250 pounds inc tax)
Malcolm Asquith

I bought a new one recently from someone, was about GBP70 if I remember correctly. Came either from Bob West or Moss
dominic clancy

Moss US lists the manifold for $279 US. Of course, that doesn't include shipping which could be substantial for shipping Down Under.
L Wheeler

The Moss USA price is probably because they have been shipped from the UK.

Moss Europe part 48G143 is GBP90, so much cheaper even with shipping down south. It fits great. I bought mine during a 20% sale, which is why I had the GBP 70 -ish in my mind
dominic clancy

I don't know how I managed to do it but the 250 pound price I quoted yesterday was actually for the TD exhaust manifold. Dominic has the correct UK price.
Malcolm Asquith

Thanks the price from Moss looks attractive at 90 pounds.
G Hamilton

I have repaired several by using an MG (company name) brand welding rod for cast iron. Grind the crack to a bevel, weld about 1" long and wrap it with insulation so it cools very slowly and repeat the procedure. If it cracks more during the process, drill a small hole at both ends of the crack. Have a good day!

John Progess

Hi Graham I have a good manifold from a 1500 A here in Sydney. Call me on 0418207165 if interested. Sean
S Sherry

Thanks for all the advice from everyone.

I had the manifold sand blasted yesterday only to reveal another big crack. It looks like it has been repaired before as the sand blasting had gouged out whatever had been used to effect the repair. The cracks are now 3/16" wide and about half the thickness of the material deep.

I have cut my losses and aquired the manifold from Sean Sherry.

Thanks all again.

G Hamilton

quote "sand blasting had gouged out whatever had been used to effect the repair."???? Nust have been something like JB Weld. Welding rod/wire would not have been abraded like that. The "3/16" wide cracks" sound like somebody's attempt to v-groove before the "epoxy?" repair.

Anyway, the procurement of a replacement manifold sounds like you are on your way.
Chuck Schaefer

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