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MG MGA - exhaust manifold gasket

Does the exhaust manifold gasket install with the silver (aluminum?)side against the head or against the manifold (the opposite side is grey)?

Thanks, George
G Goeppner

It's be a while since I put one on, but I don't remember there being two different colors. As I recall both sides are the same. Manifold and head (stock) are both cast iron. I don't believe it matters. Where'd this gasket come from?

G T Foster

Hi Gerry. Ya, first time I've seen one like it myself. Sourced it either from SF or Moss. I can't imagine it matters either, but then, its different on each side, so I don't know....
G Goeppner

If it's metal on one side and fiber on the other side, put the metal side toward the hot part. In this case the hot part is the exhaust manifold, as the head is water cooled.
Barney Gaylord

Hi Folks. My exhaust pipe "gasket" is quite different! It is made of solid metal! It is the standard tapered donut shape, but is made of solid steel. It came with the car, and has been re used over and over again. It seals perfectly every time! How come Moss Motors doesnt sell this baby? ;-) GLenn
Glenn Hedrich


I think that George is talking about item 15 in the attachment. Are you describing item 4 ?


M F Anderson

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