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MG MGA - Exhaust Manifold Paint

My exhaust manifold is starting to look as though it has contracted leprosy...

I have decided to bite the bullet and whip everything off, remove it, get it blasted and painted.

What does everyone use to coat the manifold ..?


A Stojanovic

Those are the jobs that I do in winter. Right now I am driving more than tinkering
dominic clancy

Some of us in the States have our exhaust manifolds ceramic coated. This not only looks good on the outside but coats the inside for improved exhaust flow. The company I've used for my MGB and MGA exhaust manifolds is Jet Hot. See the attached picture of my MGA exhaust manifold. Here's Jet Hot's website -

I'm sure there must be similar companies in the UK.


JL Cheatham

I recently had my new Maniflow exhaust manifold ceramic coated by Camcoat in Warrington and they made a lovely job of it.
They also coat it inside and out and it does appear to have reduced heat output into the engine bay, but how a thin ceramic coating can do this I don't know!
I chose it for its much more attactive appearance compared to the exhaust wrap I used to have.

Also the exhaust wrap turned the previous manifold into a rusty mess and I took it off as it seemed to be causing localised heating and cracking.

Colyn Firth

Peter Burgess of "How to power tune your 4 cylinder MGB" fame has some interesting comments on power loss from wrapping your exhaust manifold - worth a read!
Mike Ellsmore

I just use High Temperature exhaust spray paint.
It comes in matte black (or a variety of other garish colours if you prefer). I tend to attack the manifold with an 80 grit flap disc on a 4" grinder then when it's nice and clean paint the manifold.
The instructions talk about curing the paint in a hot oven for a while but I never bother.
The good thing about the MGA exhaust manifold is that by the time you have the carbs and heat shield on it's pretty much invisible.
A Bowie


What do you think is the ball park cost of your process for the standard exhaust manifold? Like some of the others I used high temp spray paint - now seen better days. So something, as Dominic says, to put on the winter list of jobs.

Steve Gyles

I went for Camcoats highest spec coating as it was a brand new manifold and I hoped it would help to dissipate the extra heat that my more powerful engine may create.

The engine has a Weber 45DCOE Carb and this leaves pretty much all of the exhaust manifold on view.

To have a standard cast iron manifold coated by Camcoat would cost approx 130. iirc

I have attached a pic of my coated exhaust manifold, it has shown me that I maybe should get the new inlet manifold coated too,I will add it to the fast-growing winter projects list!


Colyn Firth

Aleks - about 15 years ago I used a brush on high temp silver exhaust coating from 'Eastwood' Co. here in the states. The only problem is, once you coat the exhaust manifold you should 'bake it' @ 500 deg or better. I used a pot belly stove, it actually cures best then when you run the motor. Mine looks just like the day I coated it. If you can't find it and want more info, please let me know and I'll do some research for you. Jack
JR Jack

I had my manifold chrome plated inside and out at jet hot many years ago and it still looks new- no cracking, peeling or rust.
Bayard DeNoie

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