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MG MGA - exhaust manifold wanted

Hi there,
I am just visiting here from the Magnette page. I have been searching for an MGA exhaust manifold for about a year. Does anyone have a spare they can sell me?

philip may 3

I think I have 1 left. Send me a PM with your address.

Colin Parkinson

Available new and they fit just fine. Moss or the usual suspects
dominic clancy

Well that's good news. How long has the exhaust manifold been available new? I've been fixing broken ones for years. Fixing a broken bottom flange might still be cheaper than buying a new one.
Barney Gaylord

The MG owners club have been selling new ones for a couple of years now. Price was about 80 when I bought one.
John Francis

How do you fix a broken one? I've got one with a crack in the outside edge of one bolt hole, and another bolt hole that's been wallowed out somewhat.
JM Morris

Steve Gyles

The MGA exhaust manifold will sometimes crack at the crotch of the "Y". I don't think I would ever try to weld a crack in the side of a runner. The more common problem is a stripped thread or broken ear on the bottom flange. I have fixed several of those. See here:
Barney Gaylord

Most welding supply shops carry a good cast iron welding rod which will repair an exhaust manifold. I just repaired one with a crack just as you describe with no problem. To fix the hole just weld up the old hole solid and drill and tap. Have a good day!

John Progess

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