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MG MGA - exhaust manifolds

Can anyone ID these manifolds, none of the MGB people have a clue? Thanks Sara

12H709 dual outlet
AEH 173/J760 single outlet
12H 3911/AGA E1 dual outlet
SSD Sara

Art Pearse

Looks like;

MGB up to 1970
? Dunno
MGB 1970 on

FYI MGA part number (all except TC) is 48G143
Neil McGurk

Many thanks Neil. I will try to get a photo and post it ASAP. Funny, I asked for help from the MGB group and got the answer from the MGA people, go figure, guess they don't know their cars! Thank you again. TTFN Sara
SSD Sara

12H709, MGB exhaust Manifold (early thick flange)
12H 3911, MGB exhaust manifold for HIF carb setup
AEH 173 appears to be MGA

dominic clancy

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