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MG MGA - Exhaust pipe bracket

I bought a centre pipe bracket from Moss and trying to fit it to the pipe - see pic, excuse the focus! as you can see, the original fitting on the pipe has broken off and I have to fab a U-bracket to weld to the pipe and meet the lateral bolt on the bought bracket. Can someone tell me how low the pipe sits? A measurement from the top of the pipe to the underside of the rear floorboard rail would be good.
Also, when fitting the muffler, the in/out pipes are offset from the muffler centre line, so which way should it be oriented? I guess tailpipe pointing up or down would do it.

Art Pearse

Art, I have seen tail-pipes pointing up and down and nobody I've spoken to, seems to know which way they should go. Personally, I think the car looks sad with the pipe pointing down, so my tail-pipe points up and looks nice and perky!
Lindsay Sampford

Art, found a picture of my up-turned tailpipe, it points up and slightly towards the middle of the car, just clearing the over-rider.

Lindsay Sampford

Keep it about as high as you can without hitting the frame when the engine rocks a bit on the rubber mounts. See picture.

Barney Gaylord

Your car looks great Lyndsay.

Did you know that you were being followed by a 16 foot tall guy with extra long legs when you took the photo?

I cant quite make out if you have left the Mr Steering/Anne Summers leather steering wheel cover on though.


(Bit concerned about the way you react when I see you at the MGA Southern Tour in a couple of weeks. Its either going to be a handshake and a smile or a broken nose for me I think!)
Colyn Firth

That's a mid winter shadow Colyn, 17th December 2008. Liked the bit about the Villiers 9E in your other posting, brought back memories of my teenage years when we used to mess about with pseudo scrambler bikes with various Villiers power units. I also remember when a friend and I nearly knackered ourselves trying to bump-start an Ariel 350 "cafe-racer" we had just put back together after an engine rebuild. We pushed it back to the shed to try to diagnose the trouble, and then noticed the pair of pushrods sitting on the work-bench, sod-it!
Lindsay Sampford

I was trying to resist getting involved with this one, but I have failed! Picture of my exhaust attached without shadows.

A similar topic came up several months ago and it's in the archives. I seem to remember being called a 'saddo' or something similar when we got down to commenting one Saturday morning how far out the back the exhaust pipe protruded! - 'Adding the MG to an MGA' was the thread.

Seems Lindsay is dyslexic, he does not know how to spell 'you'. Are yuo both near Farnham on your Southern Tour? What's the date and route?

Missed the Villiers 9E bit, I used to drive a Fannie B Falcon with the 9E engine. Went over a large big bump in the road and the bottom part of the front forks (with wheel attached) parted company with the top half!


Steve Gyles

Steve, it's an Exeter registration so it will be near its home territory when we reach our destination just north of Plymouth. The tour is 24th to 27th of this month with tours of the Dartmoor area on Saturday and Sunday. We shall be coming down the A34 to join the A303 so I guess we're not a million miles from you, I don't know which way Colyn is coming cos he's way up north, quite a journey for him I should imagine, it's just over 300 miles for us. If you are interested in joining this is the contact:
Lindsay Sampford

Lyndsay, at least when you rebuilt your villiers engine you left some parts out of it, unlike me leaving extra parts inside.

On the subject of the MGA register southern tour, suprisingly, we have a similar drive to you, approx 310 miles. We are both working on the friday so we will be pushed to get there before the bar closes!

Steve, it would be great to meet up with you finally but it is still a long drive to Plymouth for you too.

On the Villiers engine subject I used to go kart racing with an engine loosely based on the Villiers 9E single cylinder.. It was tuned to absolute destruction and developed 55 bhp at 10,000 rpm from 210cc. I used to race it at Donnington, Cadwell Park, and at Silverstone where at the old Grand Prix circuit it would lap at an average speed of 100 mph.
It was great fun.

Maybe this explains why I was so drawn to my ex race car MGA and also why I find it difficult to drive it slowly.


(trying to upload a pic of my old race kart.

Colyn Firth

Sorry Art, we kind of hi jacked your thread but it looks like Barney and Lyndsay have answered your question
Colyn Firth

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