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MG MGA - Exploded View of Front Disc Brakes

Does someone have (to email) or can point me to a good exploded view of the front disc brakes, including brackets, pipes, nuts and bolts, etc.
I am about to do a long overdue conversion from drum to disc and they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this would give me more confidence to carry this out correctly.
Sandy if you read this thanks for the tip with my steering shaft.

S Newton

This was my effort a few years ago for my 1500 that I had previously converted to wire wheels:

Steve Gyles

There are more ways than just one to convert your MGA to disc brakes. The three I know of are: 1 buy all MGA parts from a 1600 and just bolt them on. 2 half MGA with MGB calipers as Steve did. 3 MGB front suspension adapted to your MGA. I used all MGB parts on my 58. With MGB conversion you use the cheaper and more easily avaiable B disc. The B knuckle is suposed to be stronger also. Do your research, check costs and choose your answer.
R J Brown

Steve, a front disc brake conversion has been on my mind now ever since I bought my A (about four years back). I had a look at your suggested link and find it very easy to follow. The pictures are also very clear. I have therefore bookmarked the link to use as a reference when I get round to do the job. My car is already fitted with wire wheels and so I can omit the splined hubs from the kit shown.

f camilleri

Thanks Frank. Unfortunately the splined hub for a drum brake is different to the splined hub for a disc brake.

Steve Gyles

Much obliged Steve. I know what you mean about the splined hubs. Of course I have drums on at the moment and so I shall have to replace them too. My only problem is the high cost of the conversion parts. I have to import these from the UK and, when one adds up the cost of packing and shipping items to Malta the total cost shoots way up. Anyway thanks again Steve and if I can be of any assistance to you please let me know.

f camilleri

This thread was discussed on 26/10/2009

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