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MG MGA - exta cooling fan

As spring is in the air, summer can't be far behind...
I would like to install an extra electric cooling fan (with thermostatic control)in front of the radiator. Should this fan be connected the way that it blows air trough the radiator or the way it sucks air from the radiator ? Or is it working both ways ?
Kind regards,
gva guido


my understanding is that a "suck" fan, a fan behind the radiator works best, provided that it clears the pulleys for the fanbelt and existing yellow fan (if it is fitted). This is because the whole of the radiator's front surface is exposed to the airflow, and the "suck" fan helps to speed this airflow up.

If you can't fit a fan behind the radiator, then a "blow" fan seems to work fine (assuming you're not racing or thrashing the car). Whilst it can block air flow to a small part of the radiator (usually the fan motor obstructs the air flow), this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Good luck,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

The fan should push air from the front. That is the normal direction of air flow for the original fan on the engine and for the air that is forced into the radiator by the movement of the car when traveling at speed.
Ed Bell

I think that the location of the fan is a packaging concern, put it where it fits. New cars use both styles. As a supplement to the original fan I would mount it in front of the radiator. If you eliminate the original fan I would mount it behind the radiator.
I used one of each on my Mazda rotary (200hp) powered MGA. One to each side. Front left and right rear. I put a thermostatic switch in the radiator but ended up using the "F" fog light switch instead.

R J Brown

I installed a push type fan mounted in front of the radiator with a thermostatic switch in the radiator but I found that it made little difference. As the car speeds up the idle fan begins to turn and produces cavitation with the airflow. Instead I installed the correct V cell radiator core (obtained from NZ) and now I do not use a fan and the temp seldom goes over 190 even with our hot weather.
Brian Woolmer

Brian, I was told just this week that the "correct" cores were no longer being made in NZ. Is this true? Can you give me a contact?
BM Gannon
Barney Gaylord

Speaking of the fans, Is the original MGA fan a five or six blade? and what was original colour?
MK Mike

R J Brown,
Please email me about your Mazda engine. My son-in-law wants to do the same thing and your experience would be appreciated along with pictures. Email is Thanks and have a good day!

John Progess

MGA cooling fan is 6-blade steel. It was dark red engine color on 1500's, changed to safety yellow for 1600's (or perhaps a little earlier). I hear fans seem to have been mostly black originally for Twin Cams.

When in doubt paint it yellow as a safety upgrade, and you should have no points deducted in concours show.
Barney Gaylord

Hi Bill Gannon
I had my radiator done about 2 years ago. I had to order it through Northshore Radiators in Chatswwod. I understand any NATRAD dealer can order the core for you.

Not sure if things have changed since I had mine done.

Brian Woolmer

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