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MG MGA - Extensive Engine Rebuild Article

Greetings to all,

I was searching for a Derrington valve cover when I happened across a VERY extensive article on MGA/B engine rebuilding (28 pages worth!) I haven't read it all at this point but I did find very useful information about the use of the Derrington cross-flow head. Anyway, for those who are going to be diving into a rebuild over the winter, or those who simply love reading this kind of information, this seems to be the most through articles I've ever come across! Worth the time to check out @


While reading, I also found a solution to my heater control valve problem using the H.R.G. Derrington head. Lots and lots of information within this article. Thought you would like to know about it!

Robert Maupin

It is a long article at 28 pages, and is for the MGB, but much of it is interesting and applies to the MGA.
I found this link works better:

M F Anderson

Great Information!!
Russ Carnes

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