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MG MGA - Fabricated Heat Shield

I thought i would show you this, I have just installed the new heat shield for the A. I bought a product called ACL heat shield. It is a double skin of very thin aluminium with an inner core of ceramic. It was very easy to cut and form I search the internet for ideas and images then set about the work with my father.
Basically we have ended up with two sides of a cold air box. The material is riveted to the original heat shield. We are hoping the shield will direct the heat from the exhaust elsewhere and the cool air will enter at the top from the 4in air tube next to the radiator. We bent the front edge of the shield outwards so the radiator fan will push air under/behind the shield to remove the heat from there. It ended up looking quite nice but it does limit any accessibility to bolts below this level.
I will have to see how effective it is over the next couple of weeks of hot weather.

DJ Lake

another image

DJ Lake

DJ, the material looks like something that I've been looking for. I have vapoor lock problems in the summer and haven't found a good solution. Could you give me the source for this material? Do you have a template of your sheld that I could get?
J. Hudrlik

The material is called "ACL heat shield", google it and it will appear. I have a cardboard template which i can measure. Its at my dads place so it wont be for a week or so. This is a very tight fit as and reduces any access to bolts below. Im not sure if the LHD steering arm will effect the layout.
DJ Lake

Thanks DL. I've found a distributor here in Minnesota and will check on availability. I would still be interested in a template if you have one available.
J. Hudrlik

I will run a quick measure over the sheild and post some comments on how it fits and things to consider.
DJ Lake

I also had vapour lock problems two summers ago. (Canadian joke - summer was on a Wednesday last year!) It was a too lean mixture, and using high octane fuel when regular does fine.
Check your timing also.
P. Tilbury

Peter, you should move to Minnesota. We have a whole week of summer here.
J. Hudrlik

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