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MG MGA - Facet/Bendix fuel pump reapair kit?

I have a Bendix brand fuel pump ( that I believe is rebranded as Facet?) It came with the car.

Not sure as to whether it's ok, attached it to spare battery on the bench, no noise, is that good?

Is it electronic, the same as the Facet? And should have a familiar tick, similar to the SU pumps?

And is it worth using? And if it is good to use and if does need repairing, are there kits available? Or should i just bin it and replace with an SU?


Not certain if my Facet pump is the same as your Bendix branded one Mark but I can say for sure that the Facet is a noisy beast.
It is the square bodied version which was fitted by the PO who had race prepared the car.
It certainly can easily cope with the fuel supply but it gives out a kind of irregular rattling noise instead of the more familiar SU ticking sound.
It, like the SU, does quieten a little once the float chambers are full. I have bought some rubber "bobbins" to mount the pump on to see if it makes it any quieter but I havent fitted them as yet

So, whatever type your pump is, Im pretty sure it. should make some noise when it is in operation.

Colyn Firth

Mark - There is only one type of repair kit for those pumps - a new pump. They are sealed and the electronics is encased in epoxy. They are not all that expensive, they were designed as a throw away pump. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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