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MG MGA - Facet Type Fuel Pump and spare

I recently changed to a 12v battery and installed a Facet style solid state pump on the redundant 6v tray behind driver after the SU failed . Works well and you truly know it is working ( thinking about mounting it on 'cotton reel' noise isolators )...but with all the chat about always having a spare with you at all times I bought an identical spare and am considering installing it on the other side of the tray ( plenty of room )and tubing it up in parallel.I like the idea of installed redundancy and not having to fiddle if the first one fails( always in the rain at 10 at night )
Any advice/experience?
Should I wire it in live sharing the duty with the existing or wire a switch to quickly bring it in on failure of the first?
..or should I just keep it in a box in the boot?
n ferguson

I have mine installed using a double pole (could use a single pole) tripple throw switch which is wired so the middle position shuts off both pumps. Very handy being able to switch on the go! Have a good day!

John Progess

I have 2 pumps on my car, a facet under the bonnet and the normal one in the standard position. Both are piped in sries with each other without problems and 2 seperate switches.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Neil - See the article, Backup fuel pump in the SU Fuel Pump Articles section on my web site at: You can plumb the pumps in series or parallel, it will work either way, but doing them in series is far less fussing with fittings. Since the pumps use check valves, they will pump through each other. Wiring them through a single pole, double throw (either center off or not) is the best way to hook them up, unless you want to be able to turn them both on at the same time (in which case, they should be plumed in parallel - if both are running in series, you will bet too much pressure and could unseat the needle valves in the carburetors. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Neil, I fitted a Facet 22 years ago and have not had any trouble with it. Daily driver and over 150,000 miles, still noisy as ever - but it works!
BM Gannon

Facets are noisy, I use a Fuelflo-much quieter and trouble-free after many years (I have also fitted a Fuelflo to my daughter's MGC).
Barry Bahnisch

Many thanks to all...Some great advice there and since I have the second pump ..and have just bought a three position switch I will install but make the decision on series or parallel based on the piping work involved ( most proberly former with the switch to protect me from two pumps and over pressure ). It is very good to hear about the reliability Barry !..and still looking to buy the small rubber isolators to reduce the rattle as per Barneys website FP-204..found someone online in US ( called Vibration Mounts ..cost about US$8 plus US$90 to ship !!!) but not in Oz yet..any advice??
n ferguson

Originally I used a modern pump and mounted it on a plate with rubber grommets to insulate against noise. Sorry can't remember the name. Anyway, despite assurances, it was not reliable (hence no longer on the market?) so I turned to the Fuelflos. Fuelflos are so light that they really do not need mounting, they are quite happy to rely on the support of the hoses! I also have a Fuelflo on my 1933 Magna (hidden under the car but pumping through the original, but trouble-prone, SU Petrolift).
Barry Bahnisch

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