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MG MGA - Factory Literature 4 the optional Steering wheel


Clausager's book 'Original MGA' has the following details for this optional extra:
Wood rim light alloy steering wheel supplied as an optional extra from Dec. 1957. Described as 'Italian Style', supplied by Bluemels (type SW/544 BMC part no. AHH5800-Y

I'm looking for any factory literature that lists this option?

I know is "not" listed in either:
1500 factory printed MGA sales brochures, one even titled MGA Accessories. Not a mention of an alloy wheel in any of them. Nor in the 1 1600 or 2 MkII brochures either. Nor in the USA printed brochures that Hambros printed up

Thanks in advance.

Mark Hester

Anyone dig anything up in their archives on this option yet?

Mark Hester

p 26 there is a reference to the steering wheel.

Also listed are wire wheels with alloy rims

dominic clancy

yes that's it but any more info that that?


Mark Hester

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