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MG MGA - Fan belt size

Does anyone know (in OZ if possible) what size fan belt to use on a 1600 with a MGB harmonic crankshaft pully and standard MGA generator? The standard A belt is too large.
Gary Lock

Not sure whether this meets all your criteria but my spare belt for my roadster 1500 with 3 brg 1800 engine and C39/40 generator is a Calibre 11A0925 (Gates) - assume A section 925 mm long. I think it came from Supercheap Auto.
Do you have an old belt of A section that you can wrap around and measure for correct length (cut it so easy to wrap) with adjustment on minimum or a lump of rope equivalent to A section vee belt.

Mike Ellsmore

That's the pulley setup I have. Just been and looked : Quinton Hazel QBA900

Dominic Clancy

All sorted. 11A0925 is the one.
Gary Lock

I don't know if anyone else has tried this but I have found that the belt designed for the 60's vintage air cooled VW Beetle fit my 1600 MKII just fine.
Keith Lowman

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